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Lapis Cluster (L1): Water: Malefic Ice



Starter Deck Display (EN)

With Alice and Kaguya missing, it's up to Grimm's son to lead the fight for his kingdom's future!

With brand new ruler cards, resonators, spells, and abilities, these starter decks are the perfect place to start the game! 

Additionally their strength will ensure that veteran players will be interested in them as well, be sure to keep a hefty stock in supply!

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5 Unique Starter Decks each with powerful and unique cards! 

Each starter contains a deck, magic stone deck, ruler, two six sided dice, and three bonus booster packs. 

Everything a player needs to jump into the game!

1 Ruler (Foil)
24 Resonators
12 Spell: Chants
4 Additions
10 Magic Stones

*Half of all non-ruler cards in each deck are foil!!

◆ 1 starter deck specification:
 -1 starter deck

 -Lapis Cluster 01 booster pack (3 packs!!)

 -Special FOW dice (2 dices!!)

-1 playmat (paper) and 1 rule sheet

※ 1 display box - 5 starter decks, 1 carton - 40 starter decks

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